Manchester-by-the-Sea Home

This project consisted of a new two-story addition connecting the main house with its adjacent but separate garage. On the second floor of the garage building is a large home office and personal exercise space. By linking the two with a second floor connector a new entry “gateway” was created, framed by Tuscan columns on the lower level and a lovely sitting room and small library space on the second level. 

Additionally, a new porch on the opposite corner of the house serves as a prominent second entry directly to the kitchen.

John S. MacDonald, AIA
Design Team
  • Anthony M. Frausto
  • Gregory E. Graham
  • John S. MacDonald, AIA
  • Anthony M. Frausto
  • Curtis Fanti
  • Gregory E. Graham
Interior Designer
  • Bierly Drake Interiors, Inc.
General Contractor
Hollett Building Corporation
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