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Vermont-Proof: MMA Winterizes a Timber-Frame Lodge

Vermont Barn exterior

Verdant hills, violet lupines springing from the ground, rugged mountains rising and falling all the way to the horizon—it is a paradise enough to convince anyone to drop everything and race away somewhere quieter to be in nature. But even this idyllic haven faced its obstacles when it encountered the Northeast’s fiercest foe: an endless […]

The Beauty of Working with Timber Frames

The Vermont Barn project features a beautifully crafted Douglas-Fir mortise and tenon timber-frame, built, erected and co-designed (with MMA) by Bensonwood, a national expert leader in such structures.

Every now and again a new client approaches our practice with a clear vision in their mind: they want to live in a structure that utilizes a true timber-frame approach. Often this request is infused with a sincere love for the beauty of wood. In other cases, clients have had close contact with a true […]